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Ukrainian Real Estate Club broadens its services including information communication, marketing and public relations offering more opportunities in marketing strategy for real estate companies. URE Club is a mediator in establishing lasting business contacts and strong relationships. We know the market from inside and we want to share our knowledge and experiecne with you!

PR opportunities

  • Your company can initiate thematic press conferecnes, as well as participate as speaker or expert in thematic business breakfasts, round tables and committees. Large-scale events such as forums and conferences are not an exception. 
  • Your company's press releases can be published on ureclub.com in section News and in social media such as Linkedin and Facebook 
  • Your company's news and press releases can be included in fortnight Newsletter distributed among real estate players of Kyiv and regions and professional business media outlets (about 2000 subscribed contacts) 
  • Special articles, interviews, features and columns also can be presented to URE Club audience at events and through publications 
  • URE Club is an official partner of Europaproperty.com and provides it with updates on Ukrainian market, which may include your company's information as well 


  • Direct advertisment - your company's promo materials, leaflets, magazines, banners etc can be distributed and presented at URE Club events
  • Indirect advertisment - you can participate in URE Club special projects with your expertise and services
  • Your services and goods advertisment can be included in printed magazines and real estate guide of Europaproperty.com and B2B online media outlet the Property Times 
  • Your company's logo can be included to URE Club's fortnight Newsletter with status of URE Club Partner
  • Branding and company's image development though joint projects and initiatives

Networking and Connections 

  • Only top leaders of the market are among the guests, speakers and partners
  • Our parnters are very welcome to take part in elaborating new clasifications, audits and other regulative documents aimed to increase the market transparency 
  • Your company is part of the market and can recieve special reccommendations, direct contacts and professional advice from URE Club itself and its members at request 
  • Our parnters are very welcome to participate and initiate analytical researches to explore particular field or problem of the market and bring it out in the open

Additional Opportunities 

  • We provide significant discounts for partners' events local and foreign, online and offline
  • We provide unique information got from reliable and authoritative sources through networking and at requests 
  • We provide special terms for participation in events of URE Club's strategic partner EuropaProperty.com in Warsaw, Bukharest, Minsk 

Our Audiecne 

  • more than 1200 participants from Kyiv and regions - companies diretly connected to real estate market 
  • more than 2400 visitors to ureclub.com
  • 1800 followers in social media such as Facebook and Linkedin 

URE Club will host at least 25 B2B events in 2016

  • 2 large-scale forum and 1 Peroperty Awards Ceremony - EEA Forum and Project Awards  Retail Forum - New Comers
  • 10 thematic professional events on up-to-date issues and trends of real estate market and investment 
  • 4 infromal networking meetings involving special guest speakers - coachers, star experts and consultants
  • 4 meetings with policy makers and public officials - heads of committees, ministties and city administrations or so directly related to real estate and business
  • 2 business tours to foreign real estate markets 
  • 3 business trips to regions - Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv 


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