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III Audit of the best sales departments of RC

08 June 2017  |  Thursday

Sales department is a complex and unstable business segment. And there is no doubt that it primarily affects the company's profit that works with residential real estate.

Audit of Sales and URE Club will undertake a large-scale study on services quality of sales departments of residential complexes in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Based on the study findings, ranking of the best sale centers of residential complexes of Kyiv and region in each of the three segments - economy, business and comfort will be complied, as well as a general report on the quality and problems with sales departments.


The auditors articulated the position on the basis of the following criteria:   

  • Standards of sales;
  • Sales tools;
  • Personal selling;
  • Telephone sales;
  • Availability of online media;
  • Stress call;
  • omparison with 2016 results

Also, residential complexes will be awarded in the categories:

  • Most persistent sales department;
  • Best level of service;
  • Personal telephone sales;
  • Best online communication (email, social network, feedback forms);
  • Innovative sales department;
  • Best seller (best viewing);
  • Best stress call passing

Presentation of audit results will be held on June, 8 in IQ Business Center.

Time: 9:30 - 12:00

The companies, which ordered audit of its and competitors sales departments will receive detailed reports on the quality of sales of every selected residential complex. Example report is upon request.

The cost of participation in the study:
Audit of sales of the residential complex - UAH 10,000 (for every complex)
Research of competitors - UAH 5,000 for every complex
The service "do not study our complex" - UAH 50,000.

The research results of 2017 will be published in the information resources of partners: Property Times, 3m2, Vsi Novobudovy.

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