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Green building: Make it happen!

02 March 2017  |  Thursday

"Green" building - this is a new construction standard, which takes into account all environmental needs and aims to improve the quality of life and the environment.  The purposes of "green" building are preservation and improvement of the buildings quality and comfort of their internal environment, energy saving and energy efficiency.  This practice expands and complements the classical building design concepts of saving, utility, durability and comfort.

On 2nd March, 2017 in the framework of the International exhibition KyivBuild 2017 URE Club organized the conference devoted to the current issues of "green" building and energy efficiency in residential & commercial real estate.

The main intention of the conference was to present the research of the practicality and relevance of this direction for Ukrainian commercial and residential real estate market.

Date: March 2, 2017 (Thursday)

Location: Ukraine, Kyiv, International exhibition centre (IEC)

Time: 10.00-13.30

Moderators: Maksym Zayika, head of the green building department at Delta Projektconsult Ukraine; Olga Solovei, managing partner at URE Club

Key questions

• Ecological and economic basis for the introduction of "green" technologies. Practical cases: from project to implementation.

• "Green" standardization as an effective tool of modern construction.

• Certification statistics  of real estate objects: how many projects received certificates in recent years and what certificates (BREEAM/LEED/DGNB) are more popular?

• European and government renovation programs of the housing stock. The experience of Poland and the Baltic States, the EBRD in Ukraine.

• "Green" architecture: trend or necessity. Advanced, effective and innovative solutions.

• Energy audit as an integral part of the energy efficiency elevation process.


9.30 – 10.00    Registration

10.00 - 10.10  Welcome speech & Opening remarks

10.00 – 11.30  I Session. International experience: Poland, the Baltic countries, Ausrtia etc.

10.10.-10.30  Polish green building experience: practical cases, statistics & trends Alicja Kuczera, CEO at Polish Green Building Council

10.30-10.50  Energy Efficiency & Renewables. Renovation of housing in Europe: experience, results and expected strategy Marius Smaidziunas, deputy head for project implementation department at Housing Energy Efficiency Agency (BETA) in Lithuania

10.50-11.10  Green architecture: a hot trend or the future. The advanced, effective and innovative solutions Jakub Lewkowicz, business development and architect, Bartosz Świniarski, architect, Kurylowicz & Associates, Poland

11.10-11.30  Innovation, sustainability and green building certification Ivan Krofak, project manager and LEED AP at  iC Consulenten, Austria

11.30 – 12.00  Coffee break and free networking

12.00 - 13.30   II Session. Ukrainian researches and cases.

12.00-12.15  EBRD programs for the renovation of housing in Ukraine Oksana Bulgakova, IQ energy programme manager in Ukraine

12.15-12.30  Innovative technologies of manufacturing natural hemp based insulation material with negative carbon footprint Sergey Kovalenkov, owner and CEO at Hempire

12.30-12.45  Green standardization as an effective tool for sustainable building BREEAM, LEED, DGNB Maxim Zayika, head of the green building department at Delta Projektconsult

12.45-13.00  Energy audit. Purposes and methods to improve the energy efficiency of housing Andrey Antonenko, CEO at UVT group

13.00-13.15  Effectiveness and performance of modern engineering systems: theory and practice Maxim Krivosheev, Chief Engineer at MEP Engineering Ukraine


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