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Global Quarantine and Real Estate

10 April 2020  |  Friday

Register https://us04web.zoom.us/meeting/register/upEqd-yprT0rP_neNHdEqxbrvMeIwYuZfg

  • Which will be the most resilient assets and asset classes?

  • Can we make any predictions for the future?

  • The most popular strategies for property owners and developers?

  • How will the real estate business change?

  • What is the current situation on real estate markets?


  • Lika Kardava, Property Georgia

  • Craig Smith, Europaproperty.com

  • Michal Pochodyla, Stolarek i Wspólnicy

  • Volodymyr Veligorskiy, M2Poland

  • Andrew Olejnik, Homsters

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