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Second award for journalists in real estate REAListy

06 June 2017  |  Tuesday


In 2017 Ukrainian real Estate Club (URE Club) holds the second annual award REAListy for journalists in real estate that will be presented on June 6, 2017 - the Day of the journalist.

The goal of the award is to support a high-quality and comprehensive coverage of real estate market and related areas on the part of specialized and business media, to provide business, foreign investors and Ukrainian citizens with copious information on the market.

The receipt of journalists' publications to attend the award starts on Aprill, 18 and will last till May, 8.

Any journalist who has publications on residential or commercial real estate can take part in the award. To participate in the contest, it is requisite to submit publication indicating the edition where it was published for the jury review.

In 2017 REAListy prize will be awarded in the following categories:

- best overview of residential real estate market;
- best overview of commercial real estate market;
- best theme review: technology and innovation in real estate;
- best theme review: architecture and urban planning;
- best theme review: legal
- best analytical review;
- best interview;
- best journalistic investigation.

Each nominee can present one publication in every category (in total - up to 7 publications). The articles must be published within the last year.

Within the period from 10 to 30 May a vote of jury - top managers of leading real estate companies, members and partners of URE Club will take place.

REAListy award will be held on June, 6, in the Day of the journalist. Journalists nominees and editors of Ukrainian business media will be invited.

Time: 15:00 - 18:00

For more information, please, contact Natalia Reva:

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