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INTEGRITY MAKES BUSINESS SENSE - Roundtable for companies operating in Ukraine

03 May 2017 | Wednesday
Business Ombudsman Council

On 27 January 2017, upon the completion of the regional seminar on business integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia organized by the OECD, UNDP, EBRD and the Business Ombudsman Council of Ukraine (BOC), the EBRD hosted a roundtable for Ukrainian business and government representatives to discuss how business integrity can be strengthened in Ukraine. The BOC proposed to discuss the possibility of launching a collective action for integrity for companies working in Ukraine. Representatives of companies and business associations who attended the meeting welcomed this idea. On this basis the BOC developed a proposal of such a collective action called "Ukrainian Network for Integrity and Compliance (UNIC)". During February-April 2017, the BOC with the support of several private sector partners carried out consultations about this proposal. The consultations indicated that there is a sufficient willingness among many companies operating in Ukraine to engage in active promotion of business integrity. Several international organizations, notably the OECD and EBRD indicated their willingness to support this initiative.


The objective of this roundtable is to bring together companies operating in the Ukrainian market that are willing to take an active part in the promotion of business integrity in the country with the view of establishing  "Ukrainian Network for Integrity and Compliance (UNIC)". To achieve this objective the meeting will:

  • Learn about the experiences of the collective actions on integrity from other countries;
  • Discuss and adopt the proposal to establish the UNIC;
  • Provide an opportunity for the Ukrainian companies to sing up to the UNIC;
  • Inform the public about the establishment of the UNIC through a press event;
  • Identify next steps for the UNIC operations.


The roundtable is open for all companies operating in Ukraine, including private and state owned companies (SOEs), Ukrainian representative offices of Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs), large, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in all sectors of activities. Representatives of the state bodies, civil society groups and business associations, as well as international and development partners can take part as well as observers. In order to take part in the meeting, all participants and observers should register with the organizers. 


The event will be conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation into Ukrainian. The organizers will provide coffee and lunch breaks for all participants. OECD will cover mission costs of the invited international speakers.

Draft Agenda of the Roundtable for companies operating in Ukraine

Dallas1 Conference hall, Hilton Kyiv (Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd, 30, Kyiv, 01030) 

19 May 2017, Friday


Participants registration & Welcome coffee


Opening Speech

  • Working together towards an efficient and responsible dialogue, Mr. Algirdas Semeta, Business Ombudsman of Ukraine
  • How to make fundamental changes in corporate governance transparency and operational efficiency, Mrs. Olyana Gordiyenko, EBRD
  • International standards and practices on business integrity, Mrs. Olga Savran, ACN Manager, OECD


International Experience of Business Collective Actions on Integrity

Chair: ?

  • The integrity and transparency approach: Swedish experience, Mrs. Diana MadunicSweden's CSR Ambassador, Sweden [TBC]
  • Collection Actions around the world, how do they work, Mrs. Gemma Ailolfi, Head of Compliance and Corporate Governance, Basel Institute on Governance, Switzerland [TBC]
  • Clear Wave – Lithuanian business action on integrity, Mrs. Andzelika Rusteikiene, Head of Communication and Strategic Project Development of Investors Forum, Lithuania
  • Collective action of customs brokers in Turkey, Mr. Tayfun Zaman, Secretary General TEID - Ethics and Reputation Society of Turkey
  • Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard (ISO 37001), Mr. Jean-Pierre Mean, Chair  of the audit sub-committee of the ISO 37001 Working Group, Switzerland


Coffee break


Launching the Ukrainian Network for Integrity and Compliance 

Chair:  Mr. Algirdas Semeta, Business Ombudsman of Ukraine

  • How to communicate on business integrity effectively, Mr. Vitaliy Antonov, a Ukrainian businessman, head of the supervisory board of Concern Galnaftogaz [TBC]
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act, Mrs. Yulia Odarchenko, Country Compliance Officer, DP "Siemens Ukraine"[TBC]
  • Showing the real value of the company [TBC]
  • Challenges in internal processes/risks and solutions from the Compliance point of view [TBC]
  • Signing the declaration and 'family' picture


Farewell aperitif

15.20-16.00 [optional]  What is expected next: Meeting of the Working Group to discuss practical next steps (will be hosted by the BOC office at 30 Spaska Street, Kyiv)

The event is hosted by Business Ombudsman Council, EBRD, OECD

The Initiative Partner is Ukrainian Real Estate Club

Contacts for details and registration

Business Ombusman Council - Tetiana Kheruvimova  M +38 050 381 99 77  E tetiana.kheruvimova@boi.org.ua
Ukrainian Real Estate Club - Anna Nestulia  M +38 066 854 00 40 E a_nestulia@ureclub.com

Media accreditation 

Olga Pikulska T +38 050 367 03 67 E olga.pikulska@boi.org.ua]

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